Ready to Live a Better Life?

Ready to Be the Best Version of You?

Then you are ready for I'm Sublime's Natural Wellbeing Life Coaching

Since 2006, Fi Boulton has been helping people just like you to get unstuck and to start living better.

There are lots of reasons we get stuck... Often it is the overwhelm caused by life's experiences. 

No longer want to feel stuck?

With the right coach you can find solutions so you no longer feel stuck. 
No matter whether you feel "stuck"... 
  • in your career
  • due to trauma
  • due to negative habits
  • with your relationships
  • due to figuring out your life's direction
Fi's unique coaching method integrates various strategies so you can feel the shift instantly (in the first session) so you can begin to feel liberated. 

Want more enjoyment, greater success and better health?

Whether you have experienced a loss; whether you are looking for more enjoyment out of life; need to achieve greater success; need to achieve more abundance; need to improve your health and wellbeing - Fi has a depth of experience that guarantees she can help you with her superior strategies that have worked for hundreds and hundreds of people who came to seek Fi's services before you.

Want to feel back in control of your emotions?

If you suffer with anxiety or depression Fi has a specific protocol that helps you make the lasting shift out of these crippling emotional responses to one where you feel more empowered during stressful situations. Emotional balance is easy to achieve when you are given the tools.

Want to have better relationships?

Relationship issues are one of the main reasons why people come to see Fi. No matter who you want to improve your relationships with, Fi has a vast catalogue of case studies that can help you communicate better, to feel seen, to feel heard and most importantly how you can love yourself more. 

Want to overcome addictions?

Fi's strategies are especially helpful for you if you find your addictions self-harming.
Fi helps people with: 
  • eating disorders (unhealthy relationships with food) 
  • as well as all kinds of other addictions that people want to feel free from

How your "Live Life" Life Coaching sessions get instant results

Fi has studied the mind and body extensively for two decades

  • Fi is an expert Mind Mastery teacher (whereby you will learn the ways you can master your mind by creating new neural pathways - not with hypnotherapy - you are conscious the whole time).
  • Fi is a nutrition counsellor and understands the powerful connection between the gut and the brain and how they can both control our thoughts, feelings and emotions.
  • Fi is an advanced energy healer (who can do distant healings with you if you can not meet face-to-face) which can make the transitioning of your old self to your new self easier.
  • Fi is a Qigong and Therapeutic Hatha Yoga teacher (so you can do physical movements and breath work to integrate faster and lasting change on a deep cellular level).

What to expect from your "Live Better" Life Coaching sessions

Fi Boulton will start with a comprehensive half-price initial consultation (2 hours) to enable you to thoroughly explain where you, how you got there are and where you want to be.

Fi will create a step-by-step easy and enjoyable lifestyle with you and hold your hand each step of the way until you achieve your goals.

You can see Fi for sessions in her home clinic in Putney, in Harley Street or from the comfort of your home/office online.

  • No contracts

  • Go at your own pace

Online Life Coaching Sessions

Available between 8:00am - 7:00pm Monday - Thursday & Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm
  • £97.00 per hour
  • £397.00 for 5 sessions (save £88.00)

South West London Location for Coaching Sessions

Available between 10:00am - 7:00pm Monday, Tuesday & Thursday
Putney Home Clinic SW18
(by Wandsworth Town or Putney Bridge tube)
  • £97.00 per hour 
  • £397.00 for 5 sessions (save £88.00)
Available between 8:00am - 7:00pm Monday, Tuesday & Thursday
Samsara Mind & Body Clinic SW18 5EE (205 Merton Rd, by Southfields tube)
  • £97.00 per hour
  • £427.00 for 5 sessions (save £30.00)

Central London Location for Coaching Sessions

Available between 8:00am - 8:00pm Wednesdays
Harley Street 
(134 Harley Street, near Regent's Park tube)
Mayfair (near Bond Street tube)
  • £155.00 per hour
  • £199.00 per 90 minutes