About Fiona's work

"Babies born are testament to the success of Fiona's Fertility Programme. Through her energy healing women often understand why conception may not be taking place and if requested Fiona can then guide them in a caring, holistic approach to motherhood."

- Jen Kaz
Jen has worked closely with Fiona since 2008 and seen client after client give birth to healthy babies across the globe.

Fiona's earned recognition as a preconception specialist at: 

University College London Hospital
The Bridge Centre
The Lister Hospital
Bridge Mind Body

Recent Addition:

  • Findhorn Publishing's expert panel for fertility book reviews

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About our clients fertility success

Our program has been successful for couples and or:

  • women aged late 20's - mid 40's
  • women with fibroids
  • women with PCOS
  • women underweight
  • women overweight
  • women classified as obese
  • women who have been told "the odds are against you, you have left it too long"
  • women who have been told "the tests are fine, we can't understand why you are not falling pregnant"
  • women who have been told "your egg supply is low"
  • women who have been told "your husband has low/weak sperm"

What makes our fertility program so successful? 

We work with all aspects of you to bring your emotions, your mind and physical body into balance:

Emotional Balancing Techniques

  • Giving you the tools the take charge of your emotions by being shown new perspectives
  • Stress reduction strategies bespoke to your needs

Mind Balancing Techniques

  • To understand what you are manifesting we work with your conscious and sub-conscious mind to reveal your mental blockages

Physical Balancing Techniques

  • We utilise QiYoga for Fertility, a successful style of fertility yoga which has been in operation since 2007

"Thank you so much Fiona for another wonderful session and helping me through such a difficult time." ~ R Khan

"Have been feeling better since your magical postures, so grateful to have ways to help me deal with so many various stressors in my life." ~ K Rif 

"Learning to love myself is challenging, thank you for helping me it has definitely been a contributing factor toward my fertility success."." J Ruben

QiYoga for a powerful body   peaceful mind

QiYoga – for years this style of yoga has helped women fall pregnant and successfully give birth. Fertility yoga routines have been specifically formulated for the Im Sublime Natural Fertility Programs. 

What about IVF?

The support our Natural Fertility Program offers has helped women achieve success in IVF.  As IVF has a less than 40% success rate, every bit of additional facilitation and empowerment added to the IVF journey can yield a higher success rate.  That is what we specialise in - empowering you on your conscious journey to motherhood.

What to do now?

Fiona will facilitate you, empowering you on your fertility journey.  You can:

For Natural Fertility Solutions and IVF Support

Purchase your Natural Fertility Solutions DVD with free 20 minute consultation

This DVD has been sold world-wide and is getting phenomenal results in a very short period of time.  The movements on the DVD are easy to follow, enjoyable to do and have a fast healing and balancing effect on the body.  It has helped so many women fall pregnanyt and give birth to happy healthy babies and can probably help you too.

Breathe for fertility - an effective infertility treatment:

    Enjoy this easy-to-follow video helping you to manage your stress in these trying times


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