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Fertility Consultations

For fertility help Fiona Kaczmarczyk has been successfully offering fertility coaching sessions since 2007. You can boost fertility by balancing your body, emotions and thoughts:  Choose from the following packages

Warning - this course is not for everyone!  Get a free consultation to see if this course works for you 

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  • Free 30 minute consultation book now
  • Free 1 hour consultation when you purchase the Fertility DVD £65.00 (includes card surcharge) pay below book now
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  • 90 minute bespoke fertility session £200.00 (+ card surcharge = £213.00) pay below - book now
  • 2 hour bespoke fertility session £250.00 (+ card surcharge = £266.00) pay below - book now
Book your fertility course now:
  • Each course is offered on a sliding fee scale, the more committed you are with your investment the more value you are rewarded
  • Choose from course 1, 2 or 3, click here

Fertility Coaching for Natural Fertility Solutions & IVF Support

  • The biggest success stories are with clients who combine fertility yoga with fertility coaching
  • What is Fertility Coaching and how could it benefit you?  Click here

Fertility Yoga Classes 

  • What are Fertility Yoga Classes about? Click here
  • £25.00 Semi-private fertility yoga: 3 people (+ card surcharge = £21.30)

Fertility Help Meditation on MP3

  • Yoga Nidra for Fertility Pack £9.99 - emailed straight to you (+ card surcharge = £10.35)
  • Yoga Nidra for Fertility Levels 1 - 5 Series -  £30.00 - emailed straight to you (+ card surcharge = £31.950

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