Fertility Yoga

How Fertility Yoga Works

When walking the infertility path the amount of decisions you are required to make can make things feel daunting. There are so many options but how do you know which ones are right for you? It can be very stressful, scary, dis-empowering and leaves you feeling worn out.

When you are able to create a sense of inner strength, wellbeing and confidence it means decision making is easier.

Key aspects to pregnancy and parenting success

Fiona's QiYoga for Fertility (in operation since 2007) can: 
  • Help you to relax
  • Help harmonise the systems of the body
  • Help you to de-stress (manage stress better)
  • Help to energise you
  • Help to give you mental clarity
  • Help with creating and maintaining the optimum weight for fertility

QiYoga For Fertility

Fertility Yoga is a specialised form of yoga

Regular yoga will not get the same results as Fertility Yoga

Fertility yoga nourishes the sex organs as well as promotes healing for the whole reproductive system the digestive system and spinal column.  These areas of the body are nourished by increased blood flow and movements that massage to these areas.  

Why QiYoga for Fertility Gets Fastest Fertility Success

"Qi" in "QiYoga" that works the "Qi" of the body, bringing the body's energy systems back to balance and health.  (Just like acupuncture without the needles and we all know the success acupuncture has with increasing fertility). 

Fertility Solutions

Fiona has had phenomenal success with the group fertility yoga classes with groups of students usually falling pregnant around the same time.  This can be put down to the healing shift in the body that takes place.

Fertility Support

The fertility yoga classes offer more than yoga, and its this combination of the physical, mental and emotional support can be attributed the success of this programme in London and world-wide thanks to the potent fertility movements on the Fertility Solutions Series 1 DVD available on demand here

 (Double click the "YouTube" link enlarge the video) 

Fertility Yoga Classes South West London SW18

All materials including mats are provided

Types of Fertility Yoga on Offer: 

  1. Private (1-to-1) Fertility Yoga sessions (info below)
  2. Semi-Private Thursday Fertility Yoga classes (3 people) - Part of Awakening Fertility's Fertility Fit Programme
  3. Fertility Support - Part of our Awakening Fertility Workshops
  4. Fertility Transformation in 90 Days Guaranteed - Part of Awakening Fertility's Fertile Lifestyle Course

Fertility Yoga 1-to-1 Classes

Held at a time convenient to you and/or your partner in south west London, LocalMotion Studio in Wandsworth, the comfort of your home or our Harley Street Clinic

  • Clinic classes are £199.00 for 90 minutes or £125.00 per hour class when 10 are purchased (valid 3 months)
  • Home visits are available from £125.00 for 60 minute classes + call-out fee. (Minimum 10 session purchase)

Book your fertility yoga class or ask us any questions via our Awakening Fertility contact form here

Fertility Yoga Group Classes

Putney/Wandsworth border, London SW18

  • Up to 4 yoga classes a month 
  • Open to all levels of fitness and yoga experience
  • Only 3 students per class so you get 1-to-1 attention for group prices

Monthly course

What others are saying

"I love the fertility meditations after the free fertility support group. You go so deep, into such a blissful meditative state. I love the way Fiona expertly guides you. I am an experienced meditator but others were not and we all had the same joy-filled experiences. I recommend you come and try this amazing meditation - best of all, it works! I'm living proof and so are Fiona's other clients."
- Margaret Williams, Solicitor

"Fiona's meditations have changed my life. I wish for anyone trying to conceive to get to the group meditations or learn direct from Fiona, it is life-changing, for the better!"
- Ann Wilson, Finance

Bookings and Fertility Yoga Class Timetable

  • £25.00 per class pre-paid for the month
  • £33.00 per single class entry class
  • Click here to view timetable and book 
  • Contact 07989 400 586 or email here if you have any questions or concerns

London Fertility Yoga & Coaching Programmes

Fertility Yoga Works Even Faster with Fertility Coaching

Integrating a fully fertile lifestyle is the sure way to achieve faster fertility success.

London Fertility Yoga & Coaching Clinic Addresses

Harley Street Fertility Clinic
134 Harley Street, London, W1G 7JY

For Our Other Clinics Please Contact Us Directly For Availability

0208 871 0659 | 07989 400 586 | support@awakeningfertility.com

Our Mayfair Fertility Clinic

Natureworks, (enter via Danceworks) 16 Balderton Street 
From Bond Street Tube Station
3 minute walk 

Our Putney Fertility Clinic

SW18 (opposite Wandsworth Park)
From Putney Bridge Tube Station
15 minute walk 

From Wandsworth Town Station
10 - 15 minute walk 

Our Chichester, West Sussex Fertility Clinic

Contact us for directions

Need IVF Support?                            

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