Qi Energy Healing Sessions

Your body can spontaneously heal when it is put in an optimal environment to thrive.

Qi Energy Healing Sessions Help to Rebalance You

If you feel ready to: 
  • heal your body; 
  • heal your mind; heal your emotions; 
  • start to really enjoy your life as you become the best version of you
Then you are ready for Qi Energy Healing.

Healing sessions are offered in various locations

  • Remote sessions (via telephone, Skype, FaceTime or Zoom meeting room) 
  • Face-to-Face sessions are conducted in SW London and central London, see below for full details

Remote Qi Energy Healing Sessions

  • £97.00 initial 2 hour consultation
  • £67.00 per hour
  • £49.25 per hour (if 4 hours are used within a month £197.00)
Remote Energy Healing

South West London & West Sussex Qi Energy Healing Sessions

Putney Home Clinic SW18 (by Wandsworth Town or Putney Bridge tube)
Chichester, West Sussex Clinic PO18 
  • £87.00 per hour
  • £49.25 per hour (if 4 hours are used within a month £197.00)
Putney (London) & Chichester (West Sussex) Energy Healing

Central London Qi Energy Healing Sessions
Harley Street (near Regent's Park tube) 134 Harley Street, London, W1K 7JY
Mayfair (near Bond Street tube) 16 Balderton Street, London, W1K 6TN
  • £267.00 initial 2 hour consultation
  • £155.00 per hour session
  • £199.00 per 90 minute session
Central London Energy Healing