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Below are a list of helpful links and videos to support you on your fertility journey:

Fertility coaching:

Are you fertility fit? Read here to find out more:

Energy field healing for fertility:

Fertility meditations:

Fertility Mind Mastery

Natural fertility solutions and IVF support strategies

Fertility Yoga Classes (London and online)

What to do when you're pregnant

Fertility Boosting Smoothie for Enhancing Erections for Men & Pregnancy for Women:


Fertility Boosting Smoothie for Weight loss, warding off colds & improving digestive health:

What can women with PCO or PCOS do to boost fertility?

I have helped women with PCO and PCOS fall pregnant and give birth to happy, healthy babies. The key is to ensure:

A nutrient rich fertility diet

This is not the standard fertility diet, it is not about eating cold boring salads in winter - that is for sure! The eating plan naturally embarks upon a low GI food.   Research has shown that women with PCOS need to reduce their blood sugar levels and this simple Healthy Eating Guide will help you to achieve this.

Fertility exercises 

QiYoga for Fertility is the ideal form of exercise.  It is a combination of fertility enhancing movements from China, India, Korea, Tibet and the West.  The Qigong and Yoga aspects help to regulate hormone levels in the body.

QiYoga: For Fertility Videos on demand

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