Bespoke Natural Fertility Solution Courses

5 Steps to Fertility Success

At I'm Sublime Fi Boulton offers you five simple and enjoyable steps to fertility success.

Step 1:

Complete a questionnaire to ascertain what you have been through whilst trying to conceive, what your current lifestyle is like and how it can be tweaked to help you achieve faster fertility success by re-collorbrating all aspects of you: physical, mental, emotional  and create a protocol that rebalances and supports you.

Step 2:

Nourishing your reproductive system and digestive system by helping you become fertility fit

Your private sessions will be uniquely formulated to focus on strengthening your immune system, massaging internal organs, concentrating on your womb and stimulating the flow of your life force. With the use of your body's subtle energies, namely the chakras and meridians, the course will cleanse, purify and detoxify your body. This self-healing art combines physical postures and breathing techniques leaving you refreshed, revitalised, and rejuvenated.

Step 3:

Stress free fertile lifestyle tips and techniques including uniquely powerful fertility meditations.

Step 4:

By embracing Fertility Mind Mastery techniques (where you can re-write the map your mind has of your body, to positively change your body) you will feel empowered on your fertility journey, no matter how slim your chances are.

  • Learn how to re-boot your energy and optimism
  • Overcome negative cellular memory of past traumatic events such as trying to conceive month after month without luck, failed IVF, miscarriages, etc.

Step 5:

Qi Energy Healing which is hailed as one of the best forms of healing for fertility. It is incredibly powerful. All you need to do is lie down and receive the healing, graceful energy of abundance and joy. (This is a form of advanced energy field healing combined with Quan Yin's energy).

The Choice is Yours Each Step of the Way

You can embrace all 5 steps (for faster results) or take your time; one step at a time.

Warning - This Fertile Lifestyle Course Is Not For Everyone

Fi is a fertility specialist who creates fertility success through her uniquely powerful and enjoyable approach to fertility. 

Although facilitating fertility success since 2007 via optimising client's physical, mental and emotional health, Fi does not run the fertile lifestyle course for everyone. 

Fi only works with people who are: 

1. Wanting to fall pregnant as soon as possible

2. Are committed to the course 

3. Will attend regular weekly sessions via Skype or in person in London UK or Perth Australia

4. Trust in the process 

Book a free 60 minute consultation to see if you are a good fit for the course when you purchase the Im Sublime Fertility DVD here

Does the Natural Fertility & IVF Support Courses Work?

It sure does, here are some testimonials from former clients:

This course has helped many couples conceive quickly and give birth to happy, healthy babies

Look at my 2 sons!

"Dear Fiona,

It is a week now since my little twins, Ronan and Evelyn, were born at 6lb 3oz and 5lb 8oz respectively. I thought that you would like to know of their safe arrival into the world and would like to thank you again for all the help and support you gave me through your Fertility Yoga and your fertility courses last year in Clapham.

We have since moved to Walton-on-Thames where we are happily settling in with our lovely babies.

Here is a little picture of the babes!

With sincere thanks and good wishes"

Sarah Ryan and Gavin Whelan, London, United Kingdom


Thank you for all your help & SupportIMSublime

"Hi Fiona,

I just wanted to send you a quick email to say that we are now the proud parents of Rosie Alice Weldon, born 24 March 2014.

We feel incredibly blessed with our miracle baby and wanted to thank you for the part you played in helping me with your online fertility coaching and course.

Here is a picture of Rosie with her big brother, Oscar. Love from Cape Town!"

Di Weldon, Cape Town, South Africa

Fiona I am forever grateful

"You can see from my video testimonial, I am the biggest fan of Fiona's work.  I have two children through the help of Fiona's courses.  
Our first child was facilitated via IVF and acupuncture as part of Fiona's course and our second was natural, all supported and guided by Fiona.  
Fiona has facilitated pregnancy success for three of my colleagues and one of my friends.
I can't tell enough people about her work." 
Becca, London, United Kindgom

Fiona is Phenomenal

"Dear Fiona,

Just a quick note to let you know that I had a positive pregnancy test result this morning! I am so happy that I wanted to share the good news with you.

I am certain that the success of this IVF process has been, in a large part, down to your Fertility Yoga and your fertility course sessions that I have had with you.

I believe that I may have had some kind of subconscious mental block that was cleared by the positive meditation sessions during these classes as well as the relaxing yoga aspects. The very first affirmation that I made up back in March was that I would be pregnant in September 2010 and so I waited to do the pregnancy test this morning and here I am now pregnant!

I want to thank you for your care and attention to my fertility journey, I am forever grateful."
Sarah, London, United Kingdom


Miracles Happen

"Hi Fiona,

I wanted to thank you for all the support you offered me along my fertility journey.

Because of your fertility program we have succeeded getting me pregnant for the first time ever and I and very happy!

During pregnancy is still useful to using your advice to keep my body healthy. 

I can truly recommend a session with Fiona which will be very nourishing for you.

Good luck for everyone! Miracles happen.

Thank you Fiona!!"

(Elzbieta has since given birth to twins)

Elzbieta, London, United Kingdom

From Hope to Reality

"A big thank you for the yoga class... and all your support.

Also I love your DVD! I love the way you can pick and choose which section you need. (I'm doing the final meditation each night before a bath, which is lovely).

It is absolutely fantastic and really worth all your hard work."

(Nicky fell pregnant shortly after this and has since given birth to little Clemmie!)

Nicky, London, United Kingdom

The course was enjoyable and it worked!

"Fiona, Thanks to you I am now pregnant and feel it is your specialised course including your yoga and Qi Energy Field Healing that did it!"

(Judy has since given birth to a beautiful baby boy)

Judy, Perth, Australia


Changing Lives

"Hi Fiona,

I also ordered your yoga for fertility DVD last year which was great!

The Skype sessions I had with you (where we developed positivity through Mind Mastery to change my mindset after an ectopic pregnancy last year) and discussed the importance of meditation, I give significant credit to the fact that I am now almost 12 weeks pregnant after my last round of IVF.

Thank you!"

(Belinda gave birth to such a cute, bubbly baby boy)

Belinda, New South Wales, Australia


Fiona got me pregnant first time

"I started my Fertility Mind Mastery lines again and was going very well.... And they must have been magic lines because we got some AWESOME news on the weekend, I'm pregnant!!! So thank you so so much for all your help!"

(Gemma gave birth to a happy, healthy baby boy)

Gemma, Western Australia

Rose's Fertility Success Story

"After a year of attending Fiona's QiYoga classes, I asked her if she does 'fertility' yoga. Fiona said she ran confidential Fertility Courses on a one-to-one basis and would be more than happy to work with me. As my husband and I had been trying to conceive for sometime we decided that I should follow through with Fiona. I'm so happy I did. It is very relaxing and enjoyable, but at the same time invigorating. Fiona's all encompassing approach to fertility is truly amazing. She understood and was empathetic to the emotional strain and pressure I was feeling.

Unlike anything else I've come across in all my years of practicing yoga and searching for alternative healing practices it is refreshing to have met and experienced Fiona's QiYoga. Her sessions encompass mind, body, spirit and fitness. 

She took me on the most powerful meditative journeys I've ever embarked upon (in nearly 10 years of exposure to meditation!).

It was through focusing on Qi/Chi (life force energy) that Fiona was able to bring positive energy into my body with the main focus on my womb and reproductive system. I think yoga and understanding the meridian system go well together.

In addition to our wonderful one-to-one QiYoga: For Fertility sessions I wanted Fiona to teach yoga at my work. I asked her to run general QiYoga classes but to take into consideration my needs to fall pregnant. By the end of the 8 week contract two other colleagues attending the classes bizarrely fell pregnant within two weeks of each other!

Fiona's work keeps your spirits high and among numerous other techniques enables you to pull through even when we'd been told the odds were against us."

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You will feel amazingly refreshed for it and wished you'd have done so earlier.  Learn to manage the stress and feel calm during this stressful period in your life... And begin to take back control.

You can enjoy the journey of faster fertility success and Fi can show you how.

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