Private & Personalised 'Life' Detox Retreat

With Founder Fi Boulton

  • Are you feeling ready for a change and a new life?
  • Are you feeling tired and run-down?
  • Are you feeling stressed?
  • Are you feeling sluggish?
  • Are you wanting to thoroughly detox as quickly as possible?
  • Are you wanting to get rid of old ways that limit you from being the best version of you?

If so, then you'll benefit from Fiona's highly transformative private 1-to-1 retreat for women

What Makes Fiona's Women's Life Detox Retreat the Best? 

  • The results. You'll leave feeling detoxed, de-stressed and de-lighted!
  • The positive mental and emotional changes.
  • The instant release of things that has been holding you back.
  • The fun, uplifting experience.
  • The transformation.
  • The deep detoxing on a physical, mental and emotional level.
  • The nurturing.
  • The restoring of health, wellbeing and lots of energy.

What's Included on the Women's Weekend Retreat?

  • Massage: deep tissue for tension relief; lymphatic drainage for detoxing; hot stone for relaxation. This will help you release from your old ways and effortlessly be open to the new potentials and possibilities.
  • Reflexology: for enhanced detoxification and hormone balancing. This rebalancing of your body will prepare you for the new energy and new life that will be activated for you.
  • Healing: powerful Quan Yin healing to leave you fully refreshed - to release what holds you back.
  • Ionic Foot Spa Treatment + Infra-Red belt: has an array of benefits including the ability to:

  • Balances hormones
  • Increases energy levels
  • Improves digestive function
  • Eases pain
  • Increases cellular regeneration to detoxify your kidney and liver
  • Helps to heal your heart and improve your circulation
  • Draws out toxins and reduces inflammation
  • Frees the body from pain and discomfort, especially for people suffering with arthritic pain
  • Draws out heavy-metals
  • Feel Nurtured at the stunning English Countryside Retreat in West Dean

    2018 Private Life Detox Healing and Yoga Retreat Dates

    This private and personalised life detox day retreat is from 9:00am - 5:00pm. Choose the full day of your choice:
    • Friday
    • Saturday
    • Sunday

    What's Included in the Life Detox Healing and Yoga Retreat?

    Everything is included except accommodation. It is recommended that you stay somewhere local (not travel too far) to allow the healing process to transpire.

    You can choose to stay on site in the accommodation at the West Dean College's B&B student dorms, or you can walk a few meters down the road and stay at The Dean Inn B&B or stay somewhere more special (at the dog friendly White Horse B&B which is a 10 minute drive away or the deluxe Spread Eagle Lodge which is an 18 minute drive away). 

    Address of the Retreat

    West Dean College 

    The Edward James Foundation  
    West Sussex
    PO18 0QZ

    These Women's Detox Retreats are Hosted by Fi Boulton

    Fi has been teaching yoga since 2003 and specialises in giving people the uplifting tools to heal and transform themselves so they can be the best they can be.

    Fi integrates her therapeutic style of QiYoga, Meditations and Qi Healing as well as nutrition, lifestyle support, life coaching, mind-set training, self-nurturing practices and enlists the skills of healing massage practitioners to ensure maximum results for everyone attending.

    This year, Fi will be combining the benefits of an Ionic Foot Spa Detox with "detox, de-stress and de-light" meditations during the treatment.

    Reviews From Fi's Private Detox Healing & Yoga Retreats

     "Utterly relaxing, transformative... Total bliss and I highly recommend Fi's Detox and Nurturing Women's Retreats."

    - Jemima Douglas

     "The facials were fab, the yoga fab, the food was fab, meditations were fab and the laughs we shared were fab. All fab!"

    - Ellen Harvey

     "Loved every second!  Loved the venue, the food, the moves, the talks, the healings. It was utterly brilliant."

    - Katie Smallman

    "Such a life-changing experience! I highly recommend it!" 

    - Rosemary Greenway

     "Wow, I feel amazing. I feel happier than I have in a long time... Thank you for all the positivity and inspiration. I feel genuinely uplifted!"

    - Nicole Mathers

     "What a wonderful experience... It was so deep, so healing and I felt the benefits on my mood instantly."

    - Judy Simons

    Retreat Investment
    • Only £1,997.00
    Ready to Book?
    Contact or +447989400586 to book