Qi Energy Healing

A relaxing technique to help you be the best version of you 100% effortlessly

To enjoy a Qi Healing session, you remain clothed (shoes off), you lie on the healing table and receive powerful life-force energy.

Qi Energy Healing can improve all kinds of health issues and imbalances because it works with you, the whole of you, on your physical level (your body), on your emotional level (your feelings), your mental level (your thoughts) and on your spiritual level (no matter what religion you are, because we all have a spirit). The healing effects can be life changing as you become the best version of yourself: physically healthier, emotionally balanced, mentally clearer and free of anything preventing you from harmony, peace and in-flow with your life.

How Qi Energy Healing Works

Qi Energy Healing is the art of healing your body, your thoughts, feelings and emotions through your body's energy field (aura).

This is a highly advanced holistic healing therapy that heals you via your energy field (aura).

This healing technique effectively: cleanses, clears blockages, balances and transforms all the layers, chakras, and meridians of your anatomy and physiology. The image below shows your aura and the flow of electro-magnetic energy in and out of your body. (The same principles apply to males and females).

How You Know If Qi Energy Healing Is For You

Qi Energy Healing is only for you if you are seeking any of the following: 
  • You want pain relief
  • You want your life to feel easier
  • You want to be able to achieve more in life
  • You want your passion and focus back, to feel more joy
  • You don't want pain (physical, mental or emotional) to hold you back
  • You want a new and reliable approach to your health, your healthcare and your healing
  • You want to live a more limitless and balanced life
  • You want to achieve your goals
  • You are sick and tired of trying and not getting results 
  • You have health issues that you can not seem to remedy (eg fertility issues, depression, anxiety, weight issues, energy issues, concentration or focus issues, etc.)
  • You want a way to manage stress
  • You want a way to improve your mood
  • You want a way to become a better version of you

Qi Energy Healing vs Energy Field Healing

The principles are exactly the same, but the "Qi" stands for Life Force Energy (also known as prana) and integrates Pranic Healing and Quan Yin Healing (the Goddess of abundance and fertility/new beginnings).

Fi Boulton, the founder of Qi Energy Healing has trained in Reiki, Energy Field Healing, Modern Mystery School Teachings, Qi Gong, Therapeutic Classical Yoga, is a Japanese medical translator, an anatomy and physiology lecturer (2007 - 2013) and initiate of Quan Yin. Fi has fused her healing modalities to create Qi Energy Field Healing and has seen remarkable health recoveries from an array of clients over the past few years.

Qi Energy Healing vs Reiki 

Qi Energy Healing penetrates all the layers of the energy field (14, though some people have more). Reiki only penetrates 7.

If you have experienced Reiki, the procedure is very similar, but you will feel different. You will feel it is more like a potent version of 'Reiki on steroids' helping you to heal and rebalance faster. 

Qi Energy Healing vs Spiritual Healing

Qi Energy Healing is a form of spiritual healing, the difference is Qi Energy Healing employs energy management techniques to help increase the power of the healings for the recipient (you) and does not allow the healer's energy to effect you.

Qi Energy Healing vs Quan Yin Healing (Kwan Yin Healing)

Due to the fact Qi Energy Healing utilises Quan Yin's healing into the recipient (you) plus it includes specific clearing, cleansing, grounding and disconnecting practices you will receive more from the Qi Energy Healing that you will from a Quan Yin Healing.

What Clients Say About Qi Energy Healing

Clients claim to actively feel themselves 
  • being filled up with energy;
  • being held; 
  • being nurtured; 
  • relieved of tension;
  • able to think clearer;
  • able to feel lighter (like they are carrying less of a load on their shoulders);
  • free of dis-ease in their abdomen (eg if they have digestive disorders, fertility issues, anxiety, constipation, anger management issues, etc.);
  • plugged into a powerful and revitalising energy source.

How Qi Energy Healing Sessions Help Fertility

Fi has personally seen first-hand her female clients: 

  • stop experiencing miscarriages and able to hold their pregnancies through to full term
  • their womb lining improve
  • AMH levels increase
  • FSH levels decrease
  • who have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility have babies

Fi's male clients have rapidly: 

  • improved sperm health
  • improved libido (increased sex drive)
  • been able to have happy, healthy babies

What Type of Qi Energy Healing Booking Suits You?

Online Distant Energy Healing

  • £67.00 per session
  • £197.00 per month (up to 4 sessions) = £49.25 each

West Sussex Energy Healing

West Dean, Chichester, PO18

Available Friday

  • £87.00 per session
  • £257.00 per month (up to 4 sessions) = £64.25 per session

South West London Energy Healing

Putney Home Clinic SW18 (by Wandsworth Town or Putney Bridge tube)

Available Monday - Thursday

  • £87.00 per session
  • £257.00 per month (up to 4 sessions) = £64.25 per session

Central London Qi Energy Healing

Harley Street Fertility Clinic (by Regent's Park tube)
Mayfair NatureWorks Clinic (by Bond Street tube)

Available Monday, Wednesday, Friday (up to a 2 week waiting list)

  • £155.00 per hour